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Personalised service. Compassionate care.

Simple but important words that guide my home veterinary service every day.

Whether it’s your beloved dog, cat or guinea pig, your pets are an important part of your family and they deserve the best veterinary care.

With over 20 years of veterinarian experience in the Melbourne, Bayside area, I’m proud to be able to provide a caring and personalised service that can only be achieved in the comfort of your own home.

Each pet and owner is unique in their needs, and by allowing your pet to remain in the safe, relaxed and comfortable surroundings they are used to, enables me to provide the highest quality and a tailored approach to their medical care.  



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" Caring for pets is my absolute passion" 

My love of caring for pets led me to working at and owning my own veterinary hospital in Bayside for 22 years.

Having completed my veterinary degree in 1995, I have continued with further veterinary education throughout my career with a special interest in internal medicine and behaviour. I obtained my International Veterinary Acupuncture Society Certificate in 2005.

Now offering an in-home service to pet owners in Bayside and surrounds enables me to see pets as they really are – at home and relaxed.

My goal is to empower and support you, as your pet’s owner to make healthy decisions for the well-being of your pets. This not only involves a comprehensive examination of your pet, but also a detailed discussion with you, so that together, we can achieve the best life possible for your loved family member.

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Benefits of a home vet

Being examined and treated in the comfort of familiar surroundings provides a much less stressful experience for both you and your pet. My house call veterinary service is beneficial for:

  • Owners who require a greater level of convenience.
  • Establishing a stronger sense of trust with your pet within their own environment.
  • Elderly dogs who have trouble getting in and out of the car.
  • Cats who become distressed being in a cage.
  • Owners with young children at home with set routines.
  • Owners with limited mobility.
  • Multi pet households – avoids loading the car with multiple pets or multiple visits.
Nicole Baker Vet Home vet home visit Bayside Melbourne

VET services


Home visits

Vet visits are scheduled to provide 30 minutes to cover all of your pet’s needs.

Some pets may require further extensive diagnostic testing, surgical and radiographic procedures or urgent hospital care. For these situations I can assist you with this process in directing you to where you need to go, liaise with veterinary hospitals, forward patient information or even transport your pet for you if you are unable to do so. In most instances there will be no repeat consultation fee as I will liaise with the veterinary hospital prior to your arrival.

For emergency conditions, please contact your nearest veterinary hospital or emergency centre.



I offer a range of appointment services depending on your pet's needs. 

  • Routine health checks

  • Vaccinations

  • Skin and ear complaints

  • Arthritis and lameness care

  • Behavioural advice

  • Parasite control

  • Anal gland expressing (a personal favourite!)

  • Nail clipping and coat care

  • Examination of lumps

  • Acupuncture

  • Compassionate euthanasia

  • Pet insurance processing

Where I visit

House call vet service areas are listed below. Please call to see if your suburb is within our service area and if any additional travel charge is required.

  • Sandringham

  • Highett

  • Black Rock

  • Cheltenham

  • Hampton

  • Beaumaris

  • Moorabbin




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Penny - Sandringham

“Dr Nicole Baker has been through it all with me, hysterical early morning phone calls, Saturday and/or Sunday emergency visits, controlling guinea pig populations, saying goodbye to my best mate and welcoming our new fur baby. Nicole is reliable, professional, nurturing and understands the needs of animals (and humans) to solve issues and get the best result. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone with a loved pet.”

Jenni - Dingley

"We have been a client of Dr Nicole Baker’s for over 15 years. Many of my fur babies have been in the care of Dr Nic and we are SO excited for her and her new business and could not recommend her highly enough!"


John - Hampton

Thank you Dr Nicole for the compassionate care of our new beloved family member Jasper the Vizsla. Your sensitivity and personal approach is greatly appreciated especially the time you took explaining pet care with my children. 

Sue - Carrum

"Dr Nicole Baker was the expert that I reached out to when my geriatric cocker spaniel was suffering from a terrible illness. Due to relocating recently, Nicole’s relationship with us as our new vet had been somewhat brief, so Nicole listened patiently to our history and paid attention to the notes and multiple diagnoses from her previous vet. At a time that was very difficult for me, Nicole was extremely understanding. She coached me through my decision to have my beautiful girl euthanized. She made sure that, while the decision was mine to make, this was grounded in an understanding of the medical and emotional circumstances. 

She had made several arrangements to allow us to do this in my home, where we were most comfortable, but at a time that was most manageable for us. She ensured that I was at ease with the decision, then enacted it in a professional but caring manner. 

She is extremely competent, and her proficiency in dealing with the difficulties as well as the enjoyment of responsible pet ownership is second to none. I look forward to the time when I am ready to welcome another pet, and at that time will be pleased to have Nicole as our regular vet."